Lulworth Studio

Tony Adams

(1936 - ). NDD Chelsea; ATD & Cert. Ed. Bristol; MA Leics

Over several decades, my pictures have included transcriptions celebrating the place of the sensuality of the human figure. They are exuberant in the way they are drawn and painted. Montage formats appear, with a series of images made exploring variations on a theme. Transcriptions have been a feature throughout the history of art. Pictorial references dating back to the ancient Greeks have appeared as homages and updates down to the present day. (Picasso Erotique, edit. J.Clair. Prestel 2001). This feature has emphasized that what is seen is to a degree a product of an ongoing human culture. How we see and what we see has a history. (Ref: Themes and Variations. K. E. Maison. T&H, 1969). Significant aspects of transcriptions have involved the human body, the erotic, in which life-affirming depictions have been presented. During the last century or so, there have been developments emphasizing expressive qualities over illustrative ones. (Ref. Studies in the Renaissance by Walter Pater concerning art as constantly aspiring to the condition of music, and the assertion that at the core of the aesthetic is the erotic).

One-man shows: Arthur Tooth’s, London; DM (Danziger Miles) Gallery, London; AIA Gallery, London; Arts Workshop, Newbury; Bladon Gallery, Hurstbourne Tarrant. Mixed shows: City Museum, Reading; Marlborough Gallery, Marlborough; Dusseldorf Museum, Germany; Tolly Cobold touring exhibition at Camden, Fitzwilliam, Ipswich, Sheffield, Southampton; Visual Arts Centre, Newport; Sansom Gallery, L’Artishe Galley, Rollington Barn, Swanage; BIC, Bournemouth.

Works in collections of Strong; Rose; Chetwynd; Stoller; Blake; Jackson, Lowson; Fox-Adams.