Lulworth Studio

Yvonne Barnett Adams

Yvonne Barnett Adams (1941 - ). NDD Winchester; ATD & Cert Ed., Bristol.

Having illustrated some of the horrors that beset us in the past, I’m now seeking the peace, beauty and tranquillity of nature before it is all lost with the pressures of the modern world. Many things have already gone and, sadly, the rest are destined to become features of theme parks. Depending on the time, weather and light, my approaches vary as to how I apply brushed paint to paper. I don’t adhere to the traditional way of watercolour painting, but treat each subject on its own merits.

Having been in Art Education continually for thirty years, I’ve taken part in, and have had, many exhibitions. Works have been bought in the UK, USA, Australia,, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Holland. Over the years, I’ve written and illustrated for The Newbury Weekly News, and for various Quaker publications.